Education and quality 

Within the committee of education we mostly work with observing the education, but also improving all the education which is exerted at the university of economics in Växjö. 

We are continuously working with ensuring and raising the quality level, as well as enhance the students’ commitment for questions about education. The committee of education also work with affecting decisions and is like a communication channel between students and decision making  authorities in EHVS’s management, this happens mostly through a dialogue with the prefect and thorough representation in the board. 

Two different gatherings

Within UU, two types of get-togethers occur; UU meetings and program council meetings: The committee president calls the committee members together for UU meetings where the subjects discussed are orientated towards dispersion of information, planning and the development of the committee. However, it can also be used for education within the committee or socially oriented meetings. 

Program council meetings are meetings where students and teachers can conduct a constructive and rewarding dialogue regarding the educations offered at the School of Economics. In these meetings, the class representatives (which are two in each class) have the opportunity to highlight certain questions and comments from their class regarding the education (this applies to both individual courses and the education as a whole). The program council is a dynamic and active forum that works as a complement to the courses evaluation system through a broader perspective on the entire program’s design and content.

Representation outside the program studies:

For you who are a member in EHVS and are studying on a master level or studying independent courses, you can, besides through course evaluation, leave constructive criticism on your education or present other people’s opinions to our mail address and we will do everything to help you. 

UU also represents you who are studying with disabilities and our ambition is that you should get the help you need. Do you feel the need of contacting us, feel free to write on the same mail address as written above:


Axel Eklund 

President of the Education Committee
Phone: 072-708 08 03


Ella Palmér 

Vice President of the Education Committee
Phone: 070-847 87 93


Frida Alderin Hedfelt 

Vice President and Head of Education
Phone: 070-140 09 39