With love for physical activity

Exercise during the study period not only benefits the abs and the seat muscles, it also hopefully favors exam results and the social life around the studies. In order to succeed in getting students to exercise and hopefully getting them in shape, we arrange football evenings during Tuesdays.

During the economist weekend, which coincides once per semester, we have as a tradition to arrange some form of tournament. Previous tournaments have been football, floorball, dodgeball and volleyball. When spring blooms, we usually also dust off the golf clubs and arrange a golf tournament.

IDROTT's pride, or "love child" may be a better description, is the SKI TRIP. For decades we have arranged ski trips down to the Alps. At the beginning of the spring semester, we pack the blue buses to the breaking point to drive down about 150 economists to a week's holiday that Lasse Åberg would have had a hard time living up to. Long slopes, powder snow, bar rounds and after ski are just a few things you can expect if you keep up with a week's ski adventure with us in IDROTT. 

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