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Sivan's student pub has existed on Campus since the beginning of the happy 80s. With over 30 years of experience, this nightspot is still a strong hub for students such as pub nights, after school and brunches.

The business started in a basement room on Stallvägen 11 and since then, climbing up the career ladder, Sivans is now more or less a matter of course to visit when the studies are exchanged for tasteful drinks.

Sivans is run entirely by students who are passionate about making studentlife for all Linnaeus students as memorable as possible.

Sivan's student pub consists of six member associations (EHVS, the West Coast, Norrland, Östgöta, Skåne and Smålands) that run the business. In each member association there are two representatives who sit on Sivans´ board.

EHVS has several major events at Sivans, these are mainly run by the program committee's sections. Some examples are White night, Full Moon party, Studio 54 and a wine tasting.

Sex mfl, SexIE, IDROTT, 6 Promille and QUL are all active in Sivans a few times per semester when working at either the pub, after school or the brunch.


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Gabriel Ekman


Phone: 076-0927656



Måns Haetter 


Phone: 073-940 92 05