Oldest and of most ancient lineage

6 Promille - we are the oldest committee in the school of business and economics at Linnaeus University. 

We have a rich history that anchor us to the economic program, this makes us unique compared to the other committees. The reality as a student can be scary and our job is to make sure you forget all about your fears you might experience during your time studying. For this reason our job is to arrange parties and make your time at Linnaeus University incredible and unforgettable. 

”Meaningful, but also pointless” - 6 Promille. A committee you can’t be without. During Spring we arrange this prestigious competition that we call ”Caps-VM”. We are also throwing a banquet for the economic students that are graduating. In Fall we make sure that the new economic students feel welcomed by arranging a trip, which is a useful way for the new students to get to know each other. After that it’s time for the ”economic weekend”, during which we arrange a party where you're supposed to wear your overalls. At the end of the year we throw a gathering for the economic students and celebrate christmas together before we leave for winter break.

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Olle Jacobsson 

President of 6 Promille
Phone: 076-805 33 68