Monday-Friday 11-13 (Thursday 13-15)

EHVS Office, the heart of EHVS, where our members can get help with printing old exams, buying membership and get answers about questions affecting our association. We are selling all types of accessories in form of pens, pensils, exercise books and much more, that will help your studying time being easier. Together with the board of EHVS is the idea that EHVS Office should be just as obvious meeting place for our members as Sivans is a saturday night. Every monday until friday between 11-13 (thursdays 13-15) are Office-people in place to help EHVS members with whatever they are searching help for in though times with stress and exams.

Every Day, Every Week, Every Exam EHVS OFFICE


Axel Svensson

President of EHVS Office


Hanna Tran

Vice President of EHVS Office