Ingka AB 

Ingka AB delivers service and competence-related services in HR, Legal, Facility, Meeting and Finance and makes it possible for other IKEA companies to focus on their core business. Around 50 employees currently work in the Finance function with, among other things, accounting, liquidity management, VAT and tax issues, customer and supplier invoices, and support for the various financial systems within IKEA. With our combined expertise, we offer a wide range of finance-related services to our Swedish Ingka companies. We are a function filled with great colleagues with different experiences and roles who work together to provide reliable financial information in accordance with applicable laws and regulations to a wide range of customers, stakeholders and global functions. Through our work, we are helping to creat the conditions for a growing IKEA. 


Different for a reason

That´s kind of how we work here. Together, we create new opportunities, ideas and ways of working that make life a little easier for both us employees and all our customers. We challange you to change and improve. And this is where you come in. We need you, your thoughts and ideas to be able to grow further. We are constantly looking for new employees who want to be part of our exciting growth journey.

Every summer, we are looking for summer temps for the function, a perfect opportunity to try out IKEA and Finance services. 

All vacancies can be found on , so stay tuned!