Raises the Qvalue on Campus

Q.U.L started 20 years ago as a substitute for the other committees in EHVS. Our founder, Gunnar, has his portrait painted by Van Gogh on the wall in the Q.U.L castle. In honor of our initiator, all the chairmen are named Gunnar, a huge honor that is received with greatest honour. 

The name Q.U.L stands for Quality Without Like, something that this committee lives up to on the arrangements as well as on the internal events. In addition to its uniqueness, the committee is also known for holding the most devoted members. Humility is also something that sets its mark on the entire organization.

The flagship of events is now the autumn semester’s newly launched Día de los Muertos together with the spring semester’s spectacular Full Moon Party.

Among other events, a charming wine tasting can be mentioned with a well chosen and skilled sommelier or why not the annual finishing banquet for economic students who are graduating. As if this were not enough, Q.U.L also arranges an extremely outstanding beer tasting. Q.U.L also shows the same quality every six weeks when they cook their meals at Sivans After School. In addition to these events, Q.U.L also collaborates with Idrott by delivering a beach volleyball tournament and a forestrave in the beginning of the school year.


Life is Q.U.L and Q.U.L is life.

Well met,

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Eliott Johansson

Gunnar 27

President of Q.U.L
Phone: 072-310 46 64