EHVS Golden Boys

The EHVS Golden Boys are a group that has a bit of floorball skills and even more hubris! We are a club that plays at the highest level in the korpen (Växjö) and has several medals and trophies in the bag. Every fall we play a series game and every spring we play a pool game. During these periods, this means one match a week. The spring pool games end at the Fortnox arena in front of well-filled stands where a winner is chosen. Every autumn we have a trial training where all economics students can come and show off their talents. The number of new ones in stock depends on how many vacancies are available. As is tradition, we also pay attention to movember where we let the mustaches grow and the entire November team fund is donated to prostate research. In addition to floorball, you can expect good cohesion, new acquaintances and certain team activities. For more information and news go to Golden Boy's instagram!