EHVS striped sexmästeri

We are EHVS striped committee that puts a warm and glamorous touch on campus in the form of all our awesome events. We are mainly students from The Marketing programme, Enterprising and Business Development programme and Political Economy programme. 

Every year we organize, among other things, the legendary Surprise trip for all new student that thought that the Kickoff week wasn’t enough and want to continue partying. A few weeks later, it is time for our “Economics weekend” when a fine dining event is arranged, which is a glamorous event with a long tradition. 

Before it's time to go home and rest up, we invite you to a cozy Christmas sittning, where Christmas food will be served and Santa Clause will stop by. In the spring, it's finally time for our event “Dirty Brunch”, which represents everything we stand for.

In addition, you can see us behind the bar at Sivans every 6 weeks. At the best parties you can always look for us in black and white striped shirts, we are ready to party with you.

Once striped, always striped!



Samuel Rönkä 

President of Sex m fl
Phone: 076-174 74 57