Not found accommodation yet?

If you haven't had the opportunity to find a place to stay during the kick-off week, contact us at and we will make sure you have a place to sleep during the week. For example this could be at one of your kickers place (older students that take care of the new students during the week). 

Accommodation in Växjö

Boplats Växjö

A lot of students choose to live on campus at Linnaeus University. From campus its approximately 10 minutes to get to Växjö city, with both bus and bike. To find a residence on the campus-area, you can apply through Boplats Växjö. and get in line at their housing queue for students. The one condition is that you have received your notice of admission from the university. 

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Stubor student housing

There are also private operators that offers accommodation on campus. One of these are Stubor student housing, to get accommodation through Stubor you need to register your interest at their website. 

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Another private operator that offers accommodation on campus is CampusHem. Visit their website to register your interest.



Other possibilities 

Linnaeus University's student union Linneaus Union also offers a kind of housing through their website. You can find ads on different locations in and around Växjö. 

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New in Växjö

Student in Växjö

As a student there is also a world outside the campus-bubble. To quote an famously untrusted source, Växjö is a city and the seat of Växjö Municipality, Kronoberg County. Växjö got its city charter in 1342 and became a university city in 1999. Its Sweden's 19th largest city with 65 382 inhabitants (2015). 


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