Akavia is the professional union for individuals who have chosen an academic path. The union currently represents 140,000 economists, lawyers, social scientists, IT professionals, HR specialists, and communicators. Akavia is politically independent and the third largest union within Saco, the Swedish Confederation of Professional Graduates.

The name Akavia is an abbreviation of Akademiska Vägen, meaning "the academic path". AKA stands for Akademi (academy) and VIA for väg (path). Akavia is committed to ensuring that its members receive the maximum return on their academic investment throughout their working lives.

If you are studying to become an economist, lawyer, social scientist, HR specialist, IT professional, or communicator, Akavia is the union for you. We have the collective expertise, experience, and strength to support you on your academic journey and beyond. During your studies, membership is completely free of charge. We want to provide you with better support as you prepare for the future job market. Visit us at akavia.se to learn more.

Want to become a member today? Fill out your application on akavia.se.