Supplying EHVS with promotional materials

Promotion provide EHVS different sections and committees with qualitatively promotional materials in form of posters, banners, logotypes, patches, movie recording and redaction.

During the first week at the university you will find promotions members, dressed in black hoodies with a camera in their hand, where they are documenting the kick-off week. In december every year they are looking forward to fill in your memorable blackouts with a highly appreciated kick-off movie. The movie are usually being shown at one of the bigger classrooms in K-house, and promotion are always offering snacks, drinks and fika for free.

It’s not only during the kick-off that promotion are documenting memorable blackouts, they are also documenting such events as “Economweekends”, sport events, lectures, mingling evenings etc.

Promotion are also offering CV-photographing during Amår, an event which is held the first thursday in march every year.

But, what’s the meaning to document events that no one is coming to? Therefore we are also providing such things as posters, banners, logotypes and all kind of promotional materials to all EHVS committees in front of their events.

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Moa Johansson

President of Promotion


Sebastian Gustavsson 

Vice President of Promotion