U9- A cooperation between economists

U9 is a network consisting of nine of the largest business student associations in Sweden. The members include EHVS, ELIN, Föreningen Ekonomerna, HHGS, HHSS, HHUS, JSA, LundaEkonomerna and Uppsalaekonomerna. These student associations represent approximately 30 000 students. 

U9 is a network that exists to promote education, development and exchange. Further description follows:


Education plays a crucial role in the work that the associations does because quality education is important for each students personal development and possibility to acquire a job in the future. All associations within U9 attributes importance towards developing their education towards higher quality. 


What is meant by development is that the network strives towards that every association should be able to work independently at their university and together on a national level to further elaborate the education. To develop together within the network is to develop individually.


Development of the association happens foremost through exchange between the associations. Exchange of experiences is important to the associations both too develop the education and the organisations.


EHVS – Student Association of the Business and Economics students in Växjö 
ELIN – The Economics Student Association at Linköping University 
Föreningen Ekonomerna – Student Association of the Buisiness and Economics students at Stockholm University 
HHGS – Student Association of Gothenburg Business School
HHUS – Student Association of Umeå Business School
SASSE – Student Association of Stockholm School of Economics 
JSA – JIBS Student Association
LundaEkonomerna – Student Association of the Business and Economics students at Lund University 
Uppsalaekonomerna – Student Association of the Business and Economics students at Uppsala University 


U9 Hemsida: https://u-9.se