Football Tuesdays with IDROTT

SPORTS is one of the EHVS program committees that organizes various types of activities and tournaments, as well as the popular ski trip to the Alps every year.


Exercising during study time not only benefits the abs and glutes, but it also benefits the exam results and the social life surrounding the studies. For those of you who like football or just want to get moving, IDROTT invites you to football Tuesdays at Olympen. A nice group meets there to play some ball together, sweat and have fun. It is an excellent opportunity for you who want to get your heart rate up and gather energy in everyday life, while you get the chance to meet lots of new friends.


A warm welcome regardless of previous experience with ball. Tuesdays 21:55 - 22:55 in Olympen.


Don't hesitate to go there!