EHVS own Student newspaper

Assar is EHVS member journal and releases twice each semester, plus one online number and one kick-off number. The goal of the paper is that it shall contain funny and interesting articles about specially life at campus, but also the life outside the “bubble”. Carreer reportages about old members of EHVS or other inspiring people together with chronicles about EHVS events are some examples of what the paper contains.

Assar is financed by EHVS and by it’s own advertisement section. The editroal consits of writers, layout artists, photographers and ad sellers.

You’re always welcome to contact Assar at if there’s something that you want to see in the paper.

Digital Paper: and

Amanda Svensson 

President of ASSAR
Phone: 070-314 04 66


Sara Cronsjö  

Vice President of ASSAR
Phone: 076-626 11 61