The humble sexet

The flag of humility flies proudly over  SexIE. A community that extends beyond the sex, outside the PU, out to EHVS all well-dressed members, growing in our hearts.

We work for your study time, your joy, your motivation in everyday life. We are included during the kick-off, on the class trip for the economists, at the Christmas party, behind the bar at Sivans and among you in the school facilities. Our greatest pride and your best party, goes in the Mexican sign, the fIEsta. An overallsitting where tabasco and tequila flow like spring floods.

SexIE is otherwise known for its house crawls where we invite securitas to the majority of apartments on campus in the same evening. When we let you rest, we take a moment for ourselves and pull together internal parties, sittings and cake-indulging. 

Characteristics of SexIE? A cohesion like a Brazilian football team, an exceptionally good mood, and of course the PURPLE overall. No one will ever take this color away from us, not even 200 inveterate technologists. The SexIE people set the level at the party. Never hesitate to invite this purple overall to dance.

If you’re purple, you’re purple - supa, fucka, minneslucka SexIE



Niklas Persson 

President of SexIE

Phone: 070-210 51 24