We want to welcome you to Linnaeus University and EHVS- The school of business and economics student association

EHVS kickoff is an annual tradition since many years where we welcome you to one of Sweden's best universities and campus. During an entire week you will be involved in activities to make sure you get to know the student life and campus. 

EHVS consists of ca1200 members and arrange over 50 events during a school year to make your time on campus a little better, and also to create the right preconditions for a perfect start in the business world.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in EHVS kickoff!

To be able to participate in the kick-off you have to buy a ticket in the Hitract app. 

1. Download Hitract

2. Create a logg in 

3. Buy the ticket 

We would also like to see that you  become a member of EHVS before the kick- off. more info about this can be found in the become a member section. 

Do you need housing during the week? in that case, send an email to Kickoff.ehvs@gmail.com so will we fix that! 



Frida Hultén 

General Kickoff-Kommittén 2024 
Mail: kickoff@ehvs.nu


Alva Bengtsson

Treasurer Kickoff-Kommittén 2024 
Mail: kickoffskattis@ehvs.nu