EHVS stands for the School of Economics in Växjö student association and is a party politically independent student organization.
Our members consist in particular of financial students, but of course all students, regardless of their study orientation,
are welcome as members of the EHVS!

EHVS was founded in 1994 by a merger of three smaller associations and has worked in its current
spirit since then. Tradition is a word that permeates the association EHVS and many of our events have their
roots from the 1980s when the various associations were started up.

We at the Board want that our members should have the chance to enjoy the association and bring their opinions to us.

Therefore, we have developed a form where you as a member get the opportunity to give your view on how the association works and if it is something you want us to put more focus on.

EHVS Board 2022



* With a contact information we can feedback and ask questions back!

Do you have suggestions or thoughts about improvement for EHVS events?

Do you have any suggestions or ideas regarding improvement in education in the School of Economics?

Is there anything that concerns the well-being of our association that you think the Board should be aware of?

Other feedback you want to pass on to us is very much appreciated!